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Connecting The Many Points of Reality With Dreams
| August 31, 2008
So somewhere between surfing the net on Wikipedia, listening to TooL on iTunes, and playing Guitar Hero: Aerosmith edition, I had a set of epiphanies. Okay, so maybe they weren't great enough to be called ''epiphanies'' per se, but realizations that will change life as we know it... if you're life revolves around music like mine does. So first - GH: Aerosmith: lot of fun. Sex Type Thing by Stone Temple Piltos is on it so it's an automatic A- at minimum. Oh yeah, and the STP concert I mentioned early this month was phenomenal. One of only three concerts at which I've lost my voice. I hope they start working on a new album soon. Speaking of new albums, best-source-in-the-world Wikipedia states Breaking Benjamin is in the recording studio recording their fourth full-length album to be released by the end of the year; possibly to be called ''Taking the Blame''. I am currently listening to TooL because I've had one riff stuck in my head for seven hours. I have come to the conclusion that while '''Schism''' is not my favorite song, it has the best bass riff of all of their songs and perhaps almost any song out there. Bassist Justin Chancellor gives you a preview: Listening to that riff and just a lot of other similar music lately has left me pondering one of my "Top 10" lists. I'd been working on the Top 10 Instrumentals but I realized that'd be too boring and probably too long to play as a Top 10 at 10 on WVBR. So here's your chance to put in your thoughts regardless. Name the best Rock Instrumentals out there. I'll start you off: -''Jessica'' by '''The Allman Brothers''' -''Cliffs of Dover'' by '''Eric Johnson''' -''Moby Dick'' by '''Led Zeppelin''' -''YYZ'' by '''Rush''' - ''Eruption'' by '''Van Halen''' -'''Jimi Hendrix''' interpretation of the Star Spangled Banner - ''Babes in the Woods'' by '''Steve Miller Band''' Which other songs deserve to be up there?
Share Your Thoughts from WVBR | September 1, 2008, 10:25pm
Hmmm...Black Mountain Side/White Summer by Zeppelin (or, alternately, Bron-yr- aur), Soul Sacrifice by Santana, In Memory of Elizabeth Reed by the Allman Bros., Frankenstein by Edgar Winter, Beck's Bolero by Jeff Beck, Glad by Traffic, and anything by Joe Satriani/Steve Vai.
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