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| May 10, 2008
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So if you were listening to 24 Hours of Awkwardness at midnight, you might remember that Jordan & DeNero did an hour of JUST new stuff. They didn't quite know what they wanted to play first, but luckily I was there. We played 10 Years - Beautiful. Before the track played, I spoke a little about them and their new album. Today, I'm going to repeat myself and go a bit more in-depth, as well as mention some other CDs that have been either just released or will be soon. '''''10 Years''''' - '''Division''', ''Release Date: May 13, 2008'' 10 Years has become a favorite band of mine. I discovered them in the summer of 2006 - I believe through the music cable channels while on Long Island for the summer. I immediately bought ''The Autumn Effect'', their first publicly-released album and the rest was history. Singles include ''Wasteland'', ''Through the Iris'' and ''Waking Up'' but if you ask me - almost every song was capable of being a single and I'm sure it'll be the same way on the next album, Division. They are considered an alternative hard-rock band. They are often compared to TooL (one of my top 10 favorite bands) as well as early Incubus (my #1 favorite band). In the past, they have opened for bands like KoRn, Deftones, Breaking Benjamin, Smile Empty Soul, and Sevendust. Now don't let this confuse you as they aren't as hard as KoRn or the Deftones. Not at all. In fact, it's hard to even compare their sound to TooL or even Incubus. They really have their own sound. I suppose the fact that their sound is very complex is like how Tool songs are also very musically, and masterfully, complex. Lead singer Jesse Hasek also has a hauntingly melodic voice that is just ripe with emotion in every song - the emotion behind their music is perhaps what makes it so good. For more tastes of 10 Years, you can check their [[link|url=]]myspace[[end-link]] or even youtube. Look out for Division to be available online and in stores on Tuesday (or pre-order it!) and check out their previous effort, The Autumn Effect, if you decide you like them. They're so good, I had to put them on in iTunes, right now! Other Recent/Soon-to-Arrive albums: '''''Barenaked Ladies''''' - '''Snack Time''' - ''Release Date: May 6'' Barenaked Ladies are back with more fun songs to rock & sing to! '''''Filter''''' - '''Anthems For the Damned''' - ''Release Date: May 13'' With Stone Temple Pilots back together, it meant the end of Army of Anyone and so Richard Patrick is back with his original band with a new effort. '''''Local H''''' - '''12 Angry Months''' - ''Release Date: May 13'' The rockers who brought you mild hit singles ''Copasetic'', ''Eddie Vedder'' and ''Bound For the Floor'' in the past has a new CD with 12 "angry" tracks, one for each month '''''3 Doors Down''''' - '''3 Doors Down''' - ''Release Date: May 20'' Single ''It's Not My Time'' shows that it might once again be their time. '''''Islands''''' - '''Arm's Way''' - ''Release Date: May 20'' Single, ''The Arm'' has found its way on to wVBR airwaves for you to hear. Enjoy more music from the French-Canadian Indie band in just a week and a half! Keep on Rockin'!
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Kat Hat from WVBR | May 14, 2008, 6:36am
What about Mindless Self Indulgence's IF (released April 29th) and the new Nine Inch Nails album - It's called The Slip and is being released as a FREE download via (you can buy an actual cd/vinyl version sometime in July). Both of these albums are wicked awesome!

Shwax | May 11, 2008, 10:20am
I failed to mention that 10 Years is also my ringtone - they're THAT good!
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