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And I Look Across the Water
Dan Powers
| May 10, 2008
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It's May, and it's pretty lovely here in Ithaca. It's almost summer, really. And that means it's time to start breaking out summery this one. I discovered [[link|url=]]the Zutons[[end-link]] through a friend of mine, and then this song magically popped up on a Paste Magazine mix that I got last year, and it is, without fail, one of the sunniest sounding songs you'll ever hear. It's called "Valerie," from their 2006 album '''''Tired of Hanging Around,''''' and it will pick you up out of any gloomy mood you're in. The catchy horns, the incessant guitar, and the effortless chorus just really make this a gem, and it's one that I never get sick of. There's also an '''Amy Winehouse''' cover, if that's your thing; somebody told me that they found this great song called Valerie by Amy Winehouse, and I listened, and it's good, but I had to tell them "This is ok, but you've GOT to check out the original!" And it won't disappoint you. I'll be posting "summer" songs on here all throughout these balmy months, probably until the warm weather subsides. So what are your favorite songs to blast when the sun's shining? P.S. Look for the shovel made of a guitar neck in this video...absolutely genius. '''Zutons - Valerie:'''

The Zutons - Valerie
Uploaded by poum
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