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All Our Hopes and Trembles
Dan Powers
| April 3, 2008
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There's something to be said for music that happens organically, naturally. Not in a studio, not in an amphitheater, not in Wembley Stadium playing in front of a wall of Marshall amps. I much prefer my music in a cafe. Or in a park. Or in a bar. Or even in a quarry. This is the vision of the "Concerts a Emporter" (Takeaway Shows) filmed by French music blog [[link|url=]]La Blogotheque.[[end-link]] They take it upon themselves not only to cover new music but to provide live music in unique settings. You'll see Andrew Bird wandering Parisian streets on a gentle fall day, guitar in hand and a whistled tune on his lips. Or the National performing at a nondescript bar at a poorly lit table as the proprietors close up shop. The intimacy and quality of the performances will leave you breathless. So, with their show coming up in just about a week, here's '''Okkervil River''' performing "Love to a Monster:"

# 6.2- Okkervil River-Love to a monster
by lablogotheque
As Will Sheff sorrowfully walks down the walls of a quarry, the bitter emotion that propels this song is that much more tangible. The landscapes La Blogotheque uses are at once unusual and incredibly natural. Watch "Our So-Called Friend," too, if you get the chance. And what else can you find here? Shows by Menomena, Architecture in Helsinki, Tapes 'n Tapes, Beirut, Vampire Weekend, R.E.M., the Black Lips, Stephen Malkmus, and about 75 others. Head [[link|url= n]]here[[end-link]] to find all the rest. Enjoy!
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