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Campus Weekly

About Campus Weekly
Campus Weekly is WVBR 93.5 FM's latest live and local offering where we discuss, debate, and explore some of the most pressing issues that face and affect our community’s ever-expanding student population. Each week we bring to you one or more hot button issues from around the Cornell campus by speaking directly with the student leaders and decision-makers making an impact in that area. We bring to you Campus Weekly every other Sunday at 7:00pm right here on 93.5 FM and

On Hiatus Until Next Season! The spring semester has ended at Cornell and a new season of Campus Weekly will return in the fall as students return to campus.

This Week on Campus Weekly
May 27, 2012: How Do Seniors Say Goodbye?
 Guests: Olivia Moore, John Rhee, Nate Schorr, and Annabel Fowler?
What legacy will the Class of 2012 be leaving behind as it heads out from Cornell? How have students been involved on campus and in the community over the past 4 years and what accomplishments do they have to show? What's next for this class of students and what memories do they leave behind for future generations to learn about? Olivia Moore and John Rhee from the Senior Class Campaign, Nate Schorr from The Muse, and Annabel Fowler from the Class of 2012 Council reflect on their experiences from the past several years on the Cornell campus and share their perspectives on both their legacies and their futures. Listen to the entire show.

Previously on Campus Weekly
May 13, 2012: Disability Awareness on Campus
 Guests: Talia Shear and Kaitlin Hardy
What resources are available to students with disabilities on campus? Just how many students are affected by or seek disability accommodations at Cornell? Who's behind the research and advocacy to support those with both invisible and visible disabilities, and who is around to support these individuals? Talia Shear from the Cornell Union for Disability Awareness and Kaitlin Hardy from FACES: Facts, Advocacy, and Control of Epileptic Seizures discuss their respective efforts at Cornell and the work behind their collaborative effort to inaugurate Cornell's chapter of Delta Alpha Pi, a disability issues and awareness honor society. Listen to the entire show.

April 22, 2012: Changing the Cornell Calendar
 Guests: Geoffrey Block, Matt Koren, Jay Lee, and Dan Kuhr
What is impact of the Cornell calendar committee's latest proposal to the University? What is the debate over exam scheduling, holidays, and senior week? Is there a middle ground that can be sought to preserve mental health on campus? Why is there frustration on the part of student leaders involved in decision-making? Geoffrey Block from the Student Assembly and Calendar Committee, Matt Koren from the Senior Week Committee, and Jay Lee and Dan Khur from the calendar changes outreach initiative discuss the thoughts and activities that led up to and have followed the changes proposed by Cornell's Calendar Committee. Listen to the entire show.

April 8, 2012: Sexual Assault Awareness Month
 Guests: Eva Drago, Jess Beidelman, Sarah Sanders, and Ee Hou
What is going with Cornell's proposed campus code of conduct changes? To what we can attribute this year's spike in reported sexual assaults on campus? What is the debate over how to respond to and prevent sexual assault on campus, and who are the faces behind those efforts? Eva Drago from the Women's Resource Center, Jess Beidelman from ConsentEd, and Sarah Sanders and Ee Hou from the Every1 campaign discuss each of their respective efforts to deal with both grassroots and administrative reform to tackle the issue of sexual assault at Cornell University. Listen to the entire show.

March 25, 2012: Cornell's New Tech Campus
 Guests: Paul Flaig, Jesse McElwain, and Jeremy Blum
Who are the student faces behind Cornell's newest tech campus initiatives? What say did students have and where did the awareness come from? What is the ongoing debate behind Cornell's partnership with The Technion? Paul Flaig from the Students for Justice in Palestine discusses his groups efforts to persuade the Cornell administration to move away from it's new partner. Jesse McElwain and Jeremy Blum for Cornell University Sustainable Design share the story of their efforts to spread the word of Cornell's bid and garner the support that ultimately swung the competition in the University's favor. Listen to the entire show.

February 26, 2012: The DREAM Act in American Education
 Guests: Adrian Palma and Eric Cheon
What is an undocumented student to do at Cornell University? What is the DREAM Act and why should we care? Adrian Palma, a member of the DREAM Team, co-chair of La Associacion Latina, and a member of MeCHA discusses his efforts as an activist to support the passage of the DREAM Act. Eric Cheon, an undocumented student at Cornell, tells his story about making his way to the United States and his campaign to remain at Cornell University. Listen to the entire show.

Missed a show? No worries! Every episode of Campus Weekly is available below:
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5/13/2012 - Disability Awareness on Campus
4/22/2012 - Changing the Cornell Calendar
4/08/2012 - Sexual Assault Awareness Month
3/25/2012 - Cornell's New Tech Campus
2/26/2012 - The DREAM Act in American Education

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