Lunch Hour Special 12/15/16

John Simon | Posted over 2 years ago.

Cool Covers!: A Long-Distance Collaboration between a WVBR DJ and his old buddy from back home

After The Gold Rush - k.d. Lang (a Canadian superstar interprets one of her Canadian compatriot's finer moments)

She's Not There - Neal MacArthur (cool re-make of the Zombies' classic - by Colin Blunstone of...The Zombies in disguise!)

"Heroes" - The Wallflowers (David Bowie cover, from their album "Godzilla." Killer!)

So Sad About Us - Shaun Cassidy w/ Todd Rundgren & Utopia (Pete Townshend's classic, produced by Todd Rundgren and released as a single back in1980)

Eyesight to The Blind - The Hillbenders (bluegrass treatment of the Who classic, from their 2016 "Tommy" CD)

China Grove - Chris Young (from the Doobie Bros. tribute album "Southbound," wherein some of Nashville's finest interpret some of the biker band's finest tunes)

Helter Skelter - U2 (from 1987's "Rattle & Hum" album. "This is a song Charles Manson stole from The Beatles, well we're stealin' it back.")

Hush - Billy Joe Royal (1966 - the original version of the Joe South composition that would become a huge hit for Deep Purple)

Everybody's Talkin' - Fred Neil (1967 - the original version of the song that would become a big hit for Nilsson, thanks to its inclusion in "Midnight Cowboy")

D'yer Mak'er - Sheryl Crow (Led Zeppelin with a twist!)

Walkin' The Dog - Kapt. Kopter (Randy California of Spirit with uncredited support from Noel Redding & Mitch Mitchell; radio station promo single)

Purple Haze - The Cure (from the 1993 tribute album "Stone Free: the Music of Jimi Hendrix")

Crying - k.d. Lang & Roy Orbison (we started with Kathryn Dawn and we'll close with her stunning duet with the original artist)

Thanks to Lou Claudio of Clearwater, FL for planting the side and digging up a bunch of the music. Next month's collaboration? "Beatlemania!" Stay tuned.....

Johnny   louie 1973

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