Lunch Hour Special (Thursday 7/28/16)

John Simon | Posted almost 2 years ago.

Celebrating the Summer Ham Music Festival - July 28, 1973: The Band, The Allman Brothers, Grateful Dead in Concert

600,000 music lovers, hippies and locals descended upon the sleepy hamlet of Watkins Glen, NY on this very date 43 years ago. Thanks to caller Glen from Watkins Glen, we'll play some live tracks from the three bands that headlined this event.

Life Is a Carnival - The Band (from Rock Of Ages, ca. 1971)
Statesboro Blues - Allman Bros. Band (Atlanta Pop Festival, July 1970)
Midnight Rider - Allman Bros. Band (Fillmore East, June 1971)
Chinacat Sunflower/I Know You Rider - Grateful Dead (Paris, May 1972)
The Shape I'm In - The Band (Academy of Music, December 1971)

At this point, the airwaves were taken over by an in-studio interview with a touring band (The Waydown Wanders).
See you next week.....

Summer jam 7 28 73

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