Lunch Hour Special 11/16/17

John Simon | Posted 8 months ago.

Who Was That Masked Man??? Uncredited guest players on songs you know and love

Badge - Cream (with Eric Clapton's co-writer and friend George Harrison on guitar)

Day After Day - Badfinger (with producer George Harrison on slide guitar and Leon Russell on piano)

That's the Way God Planned It - Billy Preston (producer George Harrison played rhythm guitar here. Eric Clapton on lead guitar, Keith Richard on bass, Ginger Baker on drums and Billy Preston wailing on the organ and singing!)

Little Red Rooster - Sam Cooke (teenaged Billy Preston played the prominent organ on this recording)

Let's Go Get Stoned - Ray Charles (written by Ashford & Simpson, with Billy Preston's organ driving the whole song)

Matchbox - Ronnie Hawkins (with "Skydog," aka Duane Allman on slide guitar and King Biscuit Boy on harp)

Hey Jude - Wilson Pickett (that's Duane Allman's guitar elevating the entire affair throughout)

It Wasn't Me - Chuck Berry (non-charting single with Mike Bloomfield on slide guitar and Paul Butterfield on harp!)

Native New Yorker - Booker T (with Neil Young on crunchy guitar and the Drive-By Truckers on everything else)

Mary Anne With the Shaky Hands - The Who (a studio outtake with Al Kooper on organ)

Brown Sugar - Rolling Stones (another studio outtake, this one with Eric Clapton's blistering guitar)

Smiling Islands - Robby Patton (with an uncredited duet vocal by a woman who was guaranteed to increase sales on any record she appeared on: the ubiquitous Stevie Nicks!)

1974 george preston

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