Lunch Hour Special 9/21/17

John Simon | Posted over 1 year ago.

Paul McCartney is Coming to Town (Syracuse on 9/23, actually)

In anticipation of Paul's sold-out show at the Carrier Dome, here's a quick survey of his catalogue.

Eleanor Rigby - The Beatles (from Revolver, circa 1966 - this is the "Yellow Submarine Songtrack" mix from 1999, re-mixed for maximum impact!)

Michelle > Biker Like an Icon - Paul McCartney (from 1993's "Paul Is Live" CD with a fine touring band including Linda)

* Mull of Kintyre - Wings (1977 - released as the b-side of "Girls' School" here in the States, this was the biggest #1 in UK history at the time)

* Girls' School - Wings (1977 - reached #33 here in the US, requested by a listener in Locke)

* Let Me Roll It - Paul McCartney (1993 - another from the "Paul Is Live" sessions, requested by a notorious stoner of ours)

Day Tripper - The Beatles (1965; #5 BB - one of Paul's most rockin' vocal performances with a killer bass line, to boot)

* Junior's Farm - Wings (10/74; #3 BB - recorded in Nashville, this one was. "Let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go...")

* Helter Skelter - The Beatles (from "The White Album," circa 1968 - who would've guessed that this would be part of Paul's encore set two days later??!?)

* Young Boy - Paul McCartney (from "Flaming Pie," circa 1997 - co-written by and featuring Steve Miller. Top 20 in the UK; uncharted Stateside)

We Can Work It Out - Paul McCartney (1995, from MTV's "Unplugged" concert. Paul was their very first "unplugged" guest, opening the floodgates for this popular series. Hear him flub the words and start over!)

Saint Paul - Terry Knight (1969; dnc - Terry Knight had flown to London, hoping to get signed to Apple Records. Disappointed and dejected, he allegedly composed this on the flight back home. Capitol released it as a single, but it failed to charge. Adding insult to injury, Terry had to turn publishing rights over to Maclen Music for his use of the "Hey Jude" coda. Ouch!)

I'll Follow the Sun - The Beatles (1964; dnc - from "Beatles for Sale" in the UK and "Beatles '65" here in the States. This is my exit song as I step out into the sunshine. See you at The Dome!)

* = listener requests, as always

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