Lunch Hour Special - Thursday 7/27/17

John Simon | Posted 11 months ago.

Cool Covers of Classic Tracks [Volume 11]

It's another hour of unlikely twists on songs you know by other artists.....

Atlantic City - The Band [1993] Original band members Danko, Manuel and Helms cover Springsteen!
* Crossroads - Lynyrd Skynyrd [1976] From their live album, a killer cover of Robert Johnson's classic.
Walkin' the Dog - Kapt. Kopter [1972] A band fronted by Randy California. Rufus Thomas wrote it.
Stop Your Sobbing - Pretenders [1979] Produced by Nick Lowe, written by Ray Davies (Kinks) in 1964.
So You Wanna Be a Rock 'n' Roll Star - Patti Smith Group [1979] The Byrds song re-imagined.
* Heroes - Wallflowers [1994] Fabulous cover of David Bowie's classic, going out by request.
Cinnamon Girl - Gentrys [1970] the first of a string of Neil Young covers. This one reached #52.
Down By The River - Brooklyn Bridge [1970] They added some horns, but were true to the original. #91 on Billboard!
Southern Man - Dave Clark and Friends [1972] From a radio station promo single. Heavy rocker!
I Am a Child - Red Horse [2013] Eliza Gilkyson, John Gorka & Lucy Kaplansky with a tasty Folk-y cover of Buffalo Springfield-era Neil Young.
It's Getting Better - Gomez [2000] the original was from Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band by The Beatles.
I'm Only Sleeping - Rosanne Cash [1995] very faithful to the Lennon-McCartney original
Sweet Child O' Mine - Taken By Trees [2010] Victoria Bergsman had been with The Concretes. This was a solo project. Guns 'n' Roses totally reinvented!

* = listener requests

We'll undoubtedly revisit this theme again. Two weeks ago it was almost all covers of Springsteen songs. There's some great material out there....

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