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John Simon | Posted about 2 years ago.

Can't Live Without My Radio: A Love Letter to the Medium

Wavelength - Van Morrison (1978; Title track of his LP and a charting single singing the praises of his childhood relationship with late-night radio)

Rock & Roll - Velvet Underground (1970 - non-charting single confessing how R'n'R radio saved young Lou Reed's life)

Oh Yeah (There's a Band Playing On the Radio) - Roxy Music (1980; #5 UK single - driving around with the radio on....)

* Radio Ga Ga - Queen (1984; #2 UK, #16 Billboard - chronicling television's rise and radio's fall. Two callers requested this one)

* Life Is a Rock (But the Radio Rolled Me) - Reunion (9/74; #8 - a roll-call of great songs from the Golden Age of R'n'R radio)

Radio Sweetheart - Elvis Costello (1977; non-charting single from "My Aim Is True" LP - an alternative to "Radio Radio")

* The Last DJ - Tom Petty (10/02; #22 Billboard - a lament about the corporatization of modern radio)

Do You Remember Rock 'n' Roll Radio - Ramones (5/80; non-charting single produced by Phil Spector!)

* Around The Dial - Kinks (1981; opening track from "Give The People What They Want." Sometimes DJs just disappear....)

You Turn Me On (I'm a Radio) - Joni Mitchell (11/72; #25 Billboard - sung from the perspective of The Radio, who's always there to please you)

Roadrunner - Jonathan Richman & Modern Lovers (1977; non-charting single - cult FM radio classic about cars and radios and freedom)

* = listener requests

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