Lunch Hour Special - 3/2/17 - Noon-1

John Simon | Posted about 2 years ago.

Covers Of The Rolling Stones! (with apologies to Dr. Hook) - songs from the Rolling Stones family

Jumpin' Jack Flash - Wynder K. Frogg (1968 - an alias of keyboard ace Mick Weaver, released as a single on Island)
Gimme Shelter - Grand Funk (1973 - 45 edit, trimming the LP track to about half its length)
Tumblin' Dice - Linda Ronstadt (1975 - surprisingly tough rocker!)
Around and Around - Rolling Stones (1964 - one of several hard-rockin' Chuck Berry covers by the band themselves)
* Out of Tears - Rolling Stones (1994 - a tasty treat from their Voodoo Lounge CD)
* Ruby Tuesday - Melanie (1970 - charting single, going out by request)
Beast Of Burden - Bette Midler (1983 - tough-rockin' 45 on the Atlantic Records label)
* Wild Horses - Flying Burrito Brothers (1970 - the first recorded version of Keith Richards' classic ballad)
Satisfaction - Otis Redding (1966 - Otis' tip-of-the-hat to The Stones, who'd covered some of his songs over the years)
Jumpin' Jack Flash - Johnny Winter And (1970 - punchy and wall-rattling 45 on Columbia Records. "Rock 'n' Rolllll!")
Sway - Rolling Stones (1971 - the b-side of "Wild Horses." This version is different from the LP version and is only available on the 45)
Street Fighting Man - Rod Stewart (1969 - released a year after the Stones' version. Meh.)
Street Fighting Man - Rolling Stones (1968 - now THIS is more like it!)

* = requests. See you next week.

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