Ithaca Airport Receives Bomb Threat, Determined Non-Credible [Updated]

WVBR News | Posted 5 months ago.

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Ithaca Tompkins Regional Airport received a bomb threat earlier this afternoon then later deemed non-credible, according to a press release by the Tompkins County Public Information Officer.

Many other airports, businesses, and institutions received a bomb threat across the United States and Canada. The bomb threat at Ithaca Airport was in form of an email, confirmed by Mike Hall, Director of Ithaca Tompkins Regional Airport. The email threatened a device in the airport while demanding $20,000 in Bitcoin. The threatening email came at approximately 1PM.

"In accordance with its emergency plan, the Airport immediately notified the Tompkins County Sheriff’s Office and Federal authorities. Safety and security of Airport passengers and tenants was the top priority," said the press release.

Hall detailed that two arriving flights were grounded and the terminal was evacuated during the immediate response to this threat. A search by law enforcement, local and federal, deemed this threat as non-credible to Ithaca Airport and has since returned to regular operations. The County is reviewing the incident and its response.

Federal authorities are also investigating if this threat and other threats received across the United States and Canada are connected.


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